Every time I use my Love Your Body Oil I think “this stuff is amazing”. It cures literally everything. Dry skin. Razor bumps. My sons mild eczema. It’s truly magical. Thank you!!


I've been using your #loveyourbodyoil on my neck just about daily and face a couple times a week and OH. MY. GOD. like what?! Is ambrosia one of your secret ingredients!? Did the gods of Olympia actually come from Santa Barbara?!


I can feel the love that is in ‘Love Your Body Oil’! It is refreshing, nourishing and calming, with a splash of crystal magic thrown in. I use it whenever my skin needs some extra special care.

E. WILLIAMSON, Yoga Teacher, Writer

Love Your Body Oil is the one I reach for first. Smells delicious, feels light and soft. Simple ingredients and comes from Nina’s heart and years of experience. 

CARA FERRICK, California Central Coast Owner/Director, CorePower Yoga

Rose Quartz Crystals

Therapeutic Benefits

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart”


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